What is Trinity?

The Trinity protocol enables users to take loans against yield-bearing collateral assets.

When users deposit collateral into the protocol, they can mint and borrow TRI.

What is TRI?

TRI is a transferrable ERC-20 token, backed by collateral held within the Trinity protocol.

Additionally, TRI holders can capture Trinity protocol fees paid by borrowers by staking TRI (sTRI). Trinity protocol fees are distributed to sTRI stakers.

How to borrow TRI

Users deposit collateral into a vessel. Each vessel is a smart contract linked to one unique address; only the user who creates the vessel can deposit or withdraw collateral from the vessel.

Next, the user can mint TRI against deposited collateral in the vessel.

After TRI has been minted, the user accrues interest (or "borrow fee") on TRI debt owed to the protocol.

How to repay TRI

A user can withdraw collateral from their vessel after repaying all outstanding TRI debt.

Users can also partially repay TRI debt, and withdraw a portion of collateral if desired.

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